The reintroduction of the Olympic Games

The time between the Games is 4 years, which equates to the time measurement of one Olympia. So, the Olympic Games were named after the city Olympia. And the ancient Greeks named the time period of 4 years, in which the games took place, after the city.

Today this term is understood as the name for the modern Olympic Games. Their story began at the end of the 19th century. Since 394 AD no Olympic Games took place anymore, until the French baron Pierre de Coubertin suggested in 1896, that they should be carried out again.

Besides the sportive aspect, he had the idea of international understanding in mind. Since then, the Games were interrupted only by the war years – the two world wars of the 6th, 12th and 13th Olympic Games. 

They were further developed to an international sports event with almost any sport discipline. Participation is open to athletes of all countries.

They are carried out as Olympic Summer Games, every 4 years and in strict accordance to the rules of the classical ancient Games. From 1924 on Olympic Winter Games took place, as well.

picture: opening firework of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, 1992

 The Olympic Games after their reintroduction – sorted by date

1896 Athen 1952 Helsinki
1900 Paris 1956 Melbourne
1904 St. Louis 1960 Rom
1908 London 1964 Tokio
1912 Stockholm 1968 Mexico City
1916 Berlin cancelled due to war 1972 Munich
1920 Antwerpen 1976 Montreal
1924 Paris 1980 Moscow
1928 Amsterdam 1984 Los Angeles
1932 Los Angeles 1988 Seoul
1936 Berlin 1992 Barcelona
1940 Tokyo cancelled due to war 1996 Atlanta
1944 London cancelled due to war 2000 Sydney
1948 London 2004 Athen

                                                                                                 2008               Beijing

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